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The Legendary Ladies of Hollywood

The Iconic Women of the Baby Boomer Generation / A Celebration of world famous females of film, stage, television and music, from the 1950’s through the 1980’s. 

“5+ out of 5 Stars” –
One of the greatest nights of theater I have ever seen!” – Shirley Jones

The Legendary Ladies of Hollywood will delight audiences of all ages, especially those of the Baby Boomer Generation; for this is a show about Baby Boomers, created and performed by Baby Boomers. Come reminisce with us as we salute and remember the ladies of a truly Trailblazing Era of Show Biz.

This 5-Star Rated Show celebrates a dazzling array of the most iconic women of show business to ever grace the World Stage; not with impersonations (although there are a few), but through the electrifying singing voice, story-telling prowess and quirky English humor of its star, British Singer-Entertainer and Disney Voice-Over Artist, TONI MORRELL. Featuring additional vocalizations and superb accompaniment arranged and performed by the show’s award winning Musical Director and Multi-Keyboard Maestro, DAVID DIAL. (”David makes his keyboards sound like an entire orchestra” – Burt Bacharach)

Never a dull moment, this show combines stand-out musical performances of some of the best-loved songs from the American and Broadway Songbooks, along with comedy “bits” and narrative “Hollywood – Confidential” type behind-the-scenes stories & monologues – all enhanced by glamorous on-screen images and superb musical arrangements.

Every segment of the show is like opening a gift box filled with sparkling treasured memories… recalling the faces, the songs and the women that defined an era… the ladies we loved watching on the “big screen” (and the little one), including our favorite movie stars, singers and TV personalities from the 1950s through the 1980s (and beyond)…  The Baby Boomer Generation.

This highly entertaining program features a host of memorable segments, including:

  • The Immortal Legendary Ladies of Hollywood (The Trail Blazers)
  • “The Women of Pop, Rock & Soul”
  • “Elvis’ Leading Ladies”
  • The Parallel Lives of Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana
  • The True Story Behind the “Hitchcock Blondes”
  • “Baby Boomer Dream Girls”
  • “The Divas – Barbra, Bette & Cher”
  • “Over 50 and Going Strong!”
  • “Lucy and The Ladies of Comedy”
  • and many more

Special Segment: Critics & audiences agree that Toni Morrell delivers one of the most powerful, stand-out tributes to Judy Garland ever seen on a stage. See for yourself!